The Plan

The Drury South site is located in the Drury basin in South Auckland, east of the southern motorway (SH1), between the Drury interchange to the north and the Ramarama interchange to the south. The Drury Quarry, which is located at the base of the Hunua foothills, forms the eastern edge of the Drury South site.

Design Balance

The Drury South concept design seeks to work with the existing topography and structure of the basin to provide a series of landscape elements that mediate the project’s relationship with the surrounding landscape. All edges to the project will be planted with large scale trees, including the Hingaia and Maketu Stream corridors which extend through the project area. 

Industry will be graduated through the project. Lower impact activities will be located around the edges with more intensive uses being located adjacent to the Drury Quarry. Additional landscape provisions are proposed for the land between the SH1 and Hingaia Stream corridors. This will facilitate a more business park form of development adjacent to the motorway, reinforcing the existing and proposed corridor planting.

More than 95Ha will be developed into public open space. A network of walkways and cycle paths will provide public access to the wetlands and open spaces. The riparian enhancement is designed to achieve ecological, recreational and cultural benefits, and to reflect traditional pathways through the basin. 


The project boundaries and buffer zones use the natural topography and landscape features to establish planted edges of a scale and height that will define and frame the project.  The project establishes 40m plus riparian corridors alongthe Hingaia and Maketu Streams. When combined with the storm water treatment and flood management areas these corridors provide approximately 95Ha of public open space.  The project establishes a business development area west of the Hingaia Stream and to the east of SH1 that will accommodate a more business park form of development.

The Drury South site is well located for access to essential infrastructure. The Drury basin is transversed by three quarry trucking routes and four high voltage power corridors. It is also traversed by a high-pressure gas main and Telecom’s main fibre optic cable to the south. The Waikato water pipeline and the North Island main trunk rail corridor run close to the site’s northern boundary.