On 3 May 2011 Stevenson Group lodged a plan change request with Auckland Council to initiate the regulatory planning processes associated with the proposed Drury South project.

The Drury South project area totals 361Ha and is bounded by SH1 in the west, the Drury Quarry and the Hunua foothills in the east. The proposed plan changes include new objectives, policies and rules that are designed to ensure that the Drury South area is developed in a way which reflects its primary function which is to provide for land extensive industrial activities in South Auckland and to support the regional growth strategy of containment and intensification.

As the project area is currently zoned for rural purposes, plan changes to the Papakura and Franklin District Plans (under the new Auckland Council these planning documents are still operative) are required for the project to proceed. Because the project area lies outside Auckland’s current Metropolitan Urban Limit an amendment to the Regional Policy Statement is also required to enable the district plan changes to be effected. The amendment to the Regional Policy Statement in turn necessitates an application for a storm water network discharge consent.

On 24th July 2012 Council’s Regional Development and Operations Committee resolved to accept the plan change requests for notification and resolved to publically notify Private Plan Changes 12 and 38 being changes to the Auckland Council District (Papakura Section) and Auckland Council District (Franklin Section) respectively and Proposed Change 19 to the Auckland Regional Policy Statement and Proposed Change 3 to the Auckland Council Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water. Public notification was advertised on 4 September 2012. Submissions close on Tuesday 16 October 2012. For details on how to make a submission refer to the Drury South Plan Changes public notice. This marks the beginning of the formal Resource Management Act 1991 process by Auckland Council and is the time when you and other parties are able to provide formal feedback under the RMA in the form of a submission.

The plan change information is available for viewing and downloading on the Auckland Council website at this address.