2009-10 Consultation Material

In late 2009, a number of information days were held at Drury. The information days were designed to provide landowners, stakeholders and the community with an opportunity to view the proposed Drury South project, ask questions of the project team and to provide feedback. The pdf opposite is a copy of the material displayed. Click on the thumbnail opposite to view.

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At the close of the initial consultation process, 112 pieces of written feedback were received. In response to the feedback received and further technical analysis, the concept plan was subsequently modified in 2010. This revised plan forms the basis of the plan change request that has now been lodged with Auckland Council.

Similar Issues

In the written feedback and from discussions with individuals a number of common or similar issues emerged:

Issues Response

The need for more business land

Those in support of the project agreed that there would be employment and economic benefits for the southern sector and the Auckland region as a whole. There is extensive evidence of the future shortfall of land suitable for business activities in the region.


Any plan change process generates uncertainty. The parties recognised that it was important that regulatory processes be implemented as efficiently as possible to minimise delay and the period of uncertainty for landowners and the community.

Concerns over loss of rural character & size of the proposal

Those opposed to the project referred to the loss of rural character and lifestyle. They referred to impacts that the project will have on the landscape of the area. It is recognised that there will be a loss of rural character as a result of the proposal although the proposed plan changes contain measures to mitigate this loss. A number of those providing feedback considered the area of the project was too large. The revised concept that forms the basis of the plan change request addresses this issue.

Traffic and road connections to Drury

There was support for improved roading connections. People acknowledged that improving access to and from the Drury Quarry was a good thing. The revised concept proposes retaining the Davies Road link for cars and light vehicles while closing the Ramarama Road links. This revision will remove heavy truck traffic past the Ramarama School and rural residential properties on Ararimu Road in the south.

Noise and Air Pollution

The plan change will contain specific rules relating to noise. Industries which have the potential to produce discharge to air have been designed to be located away from sensitive areas and will be subject to regional plan rules on air quality.


A comprehensive storm water assessment has been completed. The proposal has been designed so that there are no new adverse effects from flooding experienced at either the upstream or downstream boundaries of the project area. In the developable land within the project area sufficient stormwater/flood mitigation has been designed.


Modified Concept Plan

Following this initial feedback in late 2009 and early 2010, the concept plan was revised to address a number of the concerns raised. The changes resulted in a 16% reduction in the total project area from 419 Ha to 361 Ha.

south east corner

The project boundary in the south east corner was moved to align with Willow Road. This change maintains local access from the Ararimu area to the Drury township by providing a route through the project area via Davies Road. This route has been designed to discourage commercial traffic use and hence will limit the number of vehicles using Ararimu Road past the Ramarama School. In summary, this change achieves the following:

northern area

The northern part of the project area was also reduced. In addition, the road linking the proposed spine road within the revised project area to Fitzgerald Road was moved to align with an existing paper road. This will be a two lane road connecting to the existing Fitzgerald Road at approximately 395 and 411 Fitzgerald Road. The reasons for these changes include: