The Drury South project builds Auckland’s business and employment capacity through the establishment of a 223Ha (net) industrial zone adjacent to the Drury Quarry. Zoned and serviced industrial land is essential to achieving Auckland’s social and economic objectives. Designed to specifically accommodate construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade and distribution activities, Drury South will facilitate 19,100 jobs across the Auckland region (6,900 jobs at Drury South), and a $2.3 billion per annum contribution to regional GDP.

The Drury South site is located in the Drury Basin, which is located east of the southern motorway (SH1), between the Drury interchange to the north and the Ramarama interchange to the south. The Drury quarry which is located at the base of the Hunua foothills forms the eastern edge of the site.

The Drury basin is traversed by three quarry trucking routes and four high-voltage power corridors. It is also traversed by a high-pressure gas main and Telecom’s main fibre optic cable to the south. The Waikato water pipeline and the North Island main trunk rail corridor run close to the site’s northern boundary.

The overall project area is 361Ha. 130Ha has been applied to public open space, riparian corridors, storm water treatment and management areas and roads. A further 8Ha is occupied by the existing Transpower switching/sub-station site, resulting in a net business area of approximately 223Ha. Of this area, 201Ha has been identified for industrial activities, with the remaining 22Ha proposed for supporting business uses.

Notification of Plan Change - September 2012

On 24th July 2012 Council’s Regional Development and Operations Committee resolved to accept the plan change requests for notification and resolved to publically notify Private Plan Changes 12 and 38 being changes to the Auckland Council District (Papakura Section) and Auckland Council District (Franklin Section) respectively and Proposed Change 19 to the Auckland Regional Policy Statement and Proposed Change 3 to the Auckland Council Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water. We anticipate that the pending public notifications will be advertised in early September 2012. This marks the beginning of the formal Resource Management Act 1991 process by Auckland Council and is the time when you and other parties are able to provide formal feedback under the RMA in the form of a submission.

The plan change information (and submission details) will be available for viewing and downloading on the Auckland Council website from early September 2012 at this address.

Council will also write to all parties which it considers are potentially affected by the proposed plan changes and will advise where further information can be obtained.

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Planning Process and Timeline

The plan change request was lodged on the 3 May 2011. It is likely to take Auckland Council several months to process the request before it is publicly notified for submissions. A report will need to be prepared by Council Officers and the request will then be considered by the appropriate Council Committee. A decision will need to be made to accept or adopt the proposed plan changes. Following from this it will be necessary to instigate changes to the Regional Policy Statement. Public notification is not expected until approximately the third quarter of 2011.

Click here to see a diagram of the anticipated project steps and plan change request processes.